Beach Wedding Destin FL

Beach Wedding Destin Fl

The Complete Guide to Planning a Beach Wedding in Destin, FL – Tips & Tricks for an Unforgettable Event

Beach weddings in Destin, FL- where do you even begin? Planning a beach wedding can be an exciting and romantic experience. The beautiful white sand beaches, stunning sunsets, and crystal-clear waters make it the perfect setting for a dreamy beach wedding. Whether you’re looking to plan a grand affair or an intimate gathering, there are plenty of ways to make your special day unique and memorable. Here are some helpful tips and ideas to help you plan the perfect beach wedding in Destin.

Beach Wedding Destin FL

It Will Rain

Okay, maybe it won’t. But chances are, if you’re planning a beach wedding in Destin, FL, it will probably rain one day while you’re there. Now, the good news is, a). it probably won’t last long and b). it will give you a STUNNING sunset. When you’re looking into potential vendors for your wedding, ask about rainy days. Do they have a backup plan? Does your beach ceremony site have somewhere sheltered nearby in the case of a sudden rainstorm? Does your photographer have rain gear to protect her equipment, and is she willing to capture photos if it rains? Will your hair and makeup artist use products to ensure a long staying final look?

Destin Beach Wedding

Minimal Decor Needs!

If you’re getting married directly on the beach, you probably won’t need to spend a lot of money decorating the ceremony site. Let the water and sand speak for itself. Most couples opt to use a few rows of chairs for their guests and an arch at the end of the aisle. For the best photos, plan a ceremony start time about an hour before sunset.

Sunset beach wedding portrait

Beach Wedding Destin, FL must have photos!

Hands down, the number one “must have” on a couple’s list is sunset photos. And who can blame them? The pastel colors of the sky, the clear blue water- it’s a stunning combo. If you’re feeling really brave and want amazing, wall worthy photos, consider hopping in the ocean for the last few. Especially if you have a second dress for your reception anyway! Beach weddings in Destin, FL will make for amazing memories for everyone.

When planning your hair and makeup for photos, keep in mind it will be windy by the water. An updo will be much easier to maintain than loose curls you wear down. There’s virtually no need for a few pieces down by your face. Braids are a great option! If choosing a veil, make sure to insert a couple of bobby pins into the comb to secure it. Consider tasking a bridesmaid to stay behind during your photos to help arrange your dress and veil in between photos.

Sunscreen is your friend! If you’re arriving a few days before the wedding, use caution on hanging out in the sun. Nothing ruins wedding photos like tan lines or a very red sunburn. While a lot of photographers can edit that out at least partially, trust me when I say, it’s easier to avoid it in the first place.

Destin, FL Beach Wedding Vendor Recommendations

There are tons and tons of vendors in the area to choose from, but I want to highlight a couple that I’ve worked with directly who just really exceeded my expectations!

Photographer: Hopefully, you like the photos seen in this blog! If so, head on over to my contact page and let’s chat details and pricing for your wedding day!

Coordinator/Planner: Check out Island Sands Beach Weddings! From keeping a very close eye on the weather radar, to painstakingly helping a bride wash sand out of her dress, they never missed a beat. Hands down one of the most well run weddings I’ve ever attended, and yet somehow, it was like they weren’t even there. They were masters at working behind the scenes and kept the day running smoothly (and on time!). If you feel like you’re an anxious bride or one who’s nervous to hand over control, you want to reach out to them. They have quick communication and do everything to make sure your requests are fulfilled.

DJ/wedding officiant: In this case, my recommendation is one and the same! Diamond Dan was both the officiant and DJ for a recent wedding I attended. He kept detailed notes to nail the callouts and names. He shortened the ceremony on the fly when there was a rainstorm beginning. It was the only wedding I’ve attended where 2 hours on the dance floor FLEW BY. I can’t put my finger on it, but he runs the party better than anyone I’ve seen (and this is coming from a wedding photographer who has heard her fair share of the Cupid Shuffle). Email address:; Phone number: 850-496-7930

Sunset Destin, FL Wedding

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