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Dothan, AL boudoir photographer

Thinking of having a boudoir session? Are you getting married soon, or celebrating an anniversary? Printed photobooks make a one of a kind gift for your significant other. But, what in the world do you wear? What about hair and makeup, and a million other things? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for all the insider tips as well as direct amazon links to items that photograph well (I may earn a commission from listed products). Are you ready to book your Dothan AL boudoir session? Contact me!

Preparing for your session

Preparation for a boudoir session looks a little different from a family session. Hydrate like it’s your job! Your skin will thank you. Make sure you test run your make up and hair. The most popular looks are hair down in soft waves/curls with either a bold smoky eye or bold red lips. Don’t forget about your nails and toenails! You don’t have to have a full set of nails, even just a clear coat can do wonders. This is going to sound silly, but give your feet a really good scrub the night before- the bottom of your feet will be showing in some photos (unless you wear shoes/thigh highs/etc). Bring lotion to your session, plus extra lip color/bobby pins/hairspray- anything you need for a quick touch up between outfits.

Get creative with your wardrobe choices. Boudoir doesn’t always equal lingerie. There are plenty of fun looks that include an oversized sweater, your husband’s button up shirt, or even a strategically placed bed sheet. This session is about empowering you, and tiny pieces of lingerie aren’t everyone’s first choice. If this is a gift, make sure you have a great alibi in place for why you’ll be disappearing for a couple of hours with a full face of makeup and wardrobe bag! Scroll down to the next section for lots of wardrobe inspiration for your Dothan AL boudoir session!

Dothan AL boudoir outfit inspo

I’m going to link LOTS of great options. Don’t feel like you have to buy anything new, but if you do, try to avoid padded push up bras. Anything with excess padding doesn’t usually come off as natural in photos. Make sure the band fits you properly. Not too tight, not to loose. Figure out what you want to accentuate and plan looks around that!

First up, the classic white button down. Wear it alone, or with your favorite bra and panties underneath. Link: white button down shirt

Next, a slightly non traditional take on warm and cozy. This ribbed romper gives Mrs. Claus vibes for all of those holiday sessions.

Self conscious about your midsection? Give this look a try! Can’t go wrong with black, but comes in several colors as well. Black Babydoll here

Next up is the classic lace bodysuit. This is my personal favorite as it covers the tummy area, but gives such a sexy flair to your session. Check out my top 3 favs here: Bodysuit 1, Bodysuit 2, and Bodysuit 3

Want a cozy, winter look? Grab an oversized sweater like this one! Pair it with boy shorts, or your fav undies!

Bra and panty sets come in a variety of coverage! Everything from long line bras with high waisted undies to strappy sets with garters. Pair it with a button up shirt for an additional look. Some of my favorite choices: longline bra set, black strappy set, simple lace set

Accessories and random helpful items

Finally, I’m going to link a variety of random things you may find you want or need for your session to help complete your outfits!

Setting spray! I like a matte look myself so my photos don’t end up too shiny. This one is a great price and lasts forever!

Thigh highs, which do you need? If you want to pair with a garter belt, try one like this with a sheer thin top band. If you want to wear them solo with no garters, look for one with a silicone band at the top to help them stay up like this pair.

Conclusion for your Dothan AL Boudoir session

In conclusion, I want you to feel so confident! I want you to leave the session saying that wasn’t so bad, it was fun even. I want to send your final gallery and have you say wow, that’s me? Wardrobe is definitely a big piece of that puzzle. Feel free to bring multiple looks and message me for more ideas or to help narrow things down! Contact me here!

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