Fall Family Photo Outfits

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Fall family photo outfits- where do you even start? I am a big believer in picking one pattern or favorite texture and then coordinating everyone else to that outfit. I typically start with mom or baby girl and work my way through the rest of the family. In this blog post, I’m giving you all of my favorite Amazon links (I receive a small commission from anything purchased from the following links). Everything in this post is in a complimentary color scheme so you can pull a favorite from each size group and have the perfect family line up!

Women’s fall photo outfit inspiration:

Mom, let’s start with you! First up is this flowy long sleeve solid color dress; I’m crushing on army green, but it comes in a ton of colors! Army Green Dress

Women's fall family photo outfit

Next up is a dress with a fun texture in a perfectly neutral off white shade! Neutral Floral Midi

Textured cream dress for women

For my moms who want a cozy sweater vibe- how cute is this ribbed dress? It is the perfect fall family photo outfit; I particularly love it in caramel, but there’s lots of colors. Pair it with some boots and you’re all set! Sweater Dress

sweater dress

Want something with a little bit more of a pattern? I love this dress in the Floral Red Pink! There are also some cute solid color swiss dot options in this same style of dress. Smocked Fall Dress

women's smocked floral midi dress

Next up: Girl’s Dresses/Rompers

This is my holy grail dress for toddler girls. Choose it in dark pink, brown, or beige for the perfect girly neutral option! Toddler Girl Dress

Pink dress

For my younger school aged girls, I love this neutral beige dress with shoulder ties and pockets! Add a cardigan or knee highs to bring it into the chilly months! Bow strap dress

Girl fall family photo outfit

Is your little girl a floral lover? I get it. My 4 year old is into all things flowers too. Here is the perfect fall family photo outfit for her: Floral Dress

Girl floral dress

Finally, for my baby girls, it’s hard to go wrong with a linen romper. Grab some cute little cable knit knee high socks, and she’ll be cozy and adorable. I like this one in green, yellow, or wine red! Baby Girl Romper

Baby girl romper fall family photo outfit

Boy Outfits!

Boy moms you’re up next! First on my list is this linen henley. Grab it in beige or army green and pair it with khakis- a classic look for any fall family photos! Henley Shirt

Classic boy henley

For my toddler moms, I love this simple outfit set- choose it in green, army green, or beige! Toddler Outfit

Boy fall family photo outfit

Here is a classic button down in a perfect shade of rust. There’s plenty of other neutral shades in this shirt as well. Rust Button Down

button down

Finally, baby boys- I am obsessed with this cozy little sweater romper (would work for baby girls too!). This color is brown-yellow, but you absolutely cannot go wrong here. Several perfectly fall neutral colors, and a few variations of styles! This is the texture piece you use to pull everything together. Sweater Romper

Boy sweater romper fall family photo outfit

Men’s Fall Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Last but not least, here are the options for the men in your life! I know dressing them for your fall family photos can be challenging. You can never go wrong with a Henley and jeans combo. I love the waffle texture of this shirt, but there’s a ton of Henleys to choose from on Amazon. Henley Waffle Shirt

Henley fall family photo outfit

Is your husband an “I only wear polos” type? Here is a performance polo shirt in a ton of colors like this army green. Pick your battles- this is a great compromise! Men’s polo shirt

men polo fall family photo outfits

If you have a husband a little more flexible on attire, I LOVE this pullover. It’s cozy, it has texture, and there’s 3 different versions of khaki- any of which would fit into a fall family photo outfit color scheme! Men’s Pullover

men pullover

Finally, we have a classic men’s button down- he can roll up the sleeves for a casual vibe. It comes in shades like beige, olive green, and white. Pair it with jeans or khakis and call it a day! Button Down Shirt

mens fall family photo outfit


Hopefully this list inspires you. Most of these items can be used any time of the year. Pick your favorites from each section and get ready to have the perfect fall family photoshoot!

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