What if it Rains on my Wedding Day?

Destin Wedding Photographer


This is all too common with Destin beach weddings. Anyone who lives in South Alabama or Florida knows, spring and summer come with a chance of rain most days. So what does that mean for your wedding day? It’s not exactly something you can reschedule. Here are some tips to navigate a change in weather (and deal with everyone saying, oh, but it’s good luck!!).


During an April wedding in Santa Rosa county, we finished our bridal portraits 3 minutes before our phones alerted us to a tornado warning. Yes, we all went and hid in a closet. Unfortunately, even the best planned weddings can be at the mercy of Mother Nature. Here are my best tips to roll with it anyway:

  1. Ask your photographer and coordinator if they have experience on rainy/bad weather days. As a Destin wedding photographer, I always have a giant clear umbrella in my trunk. When I arrive at a venue, I also assess it for backup weather plans. Where can we shelter from rain and wind? Do you have a bridal party who can help shield you if need be; is there an indoor or covered option? I will also always come prepared with multiple lenses and lighting options for this reason. When choosing your wedding vendors, it helps to have a conversation about how they handle the unexpected.
  2. When choosing a venue, consider rainy day options. Is there a place for a tent rental? Is there a covered gazebo? A dressing room with a large window? Covered front porch? Most vendors can get pretty creative as long as there’s an option or two to choose from (also put this on your list of questions to ask potential venues).
  3. Flexible timeline. As a photographer, I plan my timelines with some buffer time. This gives me the ability to rearrange on the fly. So maybe, I pull you outside after your first dance for a few sunset portraits now that the rain has stopped. Maybe that means we do bridesmaid portraits indoors while your guests are in the buffet line. Did it start raining while we were doing family portraits outdoors? No worries! We can pick up with those indoors once everyone is dry. This is why it’s so important to have communication with your photographer before your wedding on your must have shots. I use the answers in my questionnaire to make sure I’m not leaving your wedding without getting all of the ones you envisioned.
  4. What is your number one must have thing? Is it killer outdoor couples portraits? Are you dying to say I do under the big oak tree? Did you have a sparkler exit planned? I can help you stage these things even if it’s not exactly how the day went. For example, maybe we circle back to a private vow reading under that tree before or after your actual ceremony. Maybe I stage a fake exit to make use of your sparklers in the middle of the reception. Most vendors (especially those well versed in beach weddings) have a few tricks up their sleeve!
  5. In your bridal emergency kit, make sure someone includes an umbrella! Zip ties are huge help to secure décor in the wind. In a pinch, binder clips can be used to clip on tablecloths. If you have eyelash glue handy, dab some under your dress straps and on the back clasp of your necklace to help keep everything in place.

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