Dothan AL Professional Photographer

If you’re here, you’re probably debating on hiring a Dothan, Al professional photographer. Maybe you want to make sure your memories are preserved and prepared for printing. Or, maybe you want an experienced eye to direct your poses (I mean, what do you do with your hands, am I right?). Maybe you just want to be in the photo for a change. Keep reading to see why it’s worth the investment, and learn about what to expect during each session type you might book with me!

Expertise and Skill

Before I launch into session types, let me say the number one reason you want a Dothan, AL professional photographer is for the expertise and skill. I know everyone has a smartphone camera these days. However, I can adapt to various lighting conditions, ensuring your photos look stunning regardless of the setting (especially important for a wedding day that often features indoor and outdoor photos). I’ve invested in several courses and a mentorship to learn the ins and outs of camera settings, location scouting, editing, and newborn safety.

Dothan, AL professional photographer

Dothan, AL Professional Photographer session types

I specialize in all things family and wedding. But those experiences look very different from each other! For a wedding day, you can expect a questionnaire that I use to build a timeline. This timeline is custom to your day and your wants/needs. No two weddings are alike, and as a former event planner, the details matter. I am going to be your third wheel pretty much that entire day. So not only will I help keep the schedule flowing, but I’m great at buttoning dresses, posing you without a double chin, and making sure you get some time to actually eat and enjoy your wedding day! (I’m also a pro at being the bad guy if needed. Something happening you don’t like? I’ll shut it down SO FAST).

Family sessions have a different flow and are based more on prompts to guide you into natural, happy photos. I always start with that “Christmas Card Smile” photo, but after that I like to use games and active motion to get real emotions and laughter. I mean, it’s hard not to laugh when I ask who took the longest to get ready today. Or when I ask dad to lean over and sniff the top of mom’s hair. If we’re doing a newborn session, I’ll start with wrapped poses and transition into family photos after that. The perk of hiring a Dothan, AL professional photographer is I am well versed in chaos. Why does that matter? It means toddlers who tantrum don’t phase me. Grumpy husbands? No big deal. Baby missed a nap? That happens! I’ll readjust and then we’ll change tactics. Kids always run the show.

Special Needs?

On a related note, if you have a child with special needs, please let me know! We can make sure to schedule a location that is private. I’ll make sure I have silent camera settings, and avoid using flash. Then, let’s find an activity your child will like. Hunting for cool rocks? Building blocks? Watching bubbles? Whatever it l want to have it on hand! Viewing it more as a play session will get the best smiles with the least amount of stress.

Ready to book?

Are you ready to book a Dothan, AL professional photographer? Head on over to my contact page and let’s get started! You can also check out my portfolio for more examples of my work!

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